Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travellers to Enjoy Free Skype Service This Holiday Season on 50 Airports Across United States

NEW YORK, NY - Amazing news for Skype users! Skype is committed to make your journey a little bit more enjoyable this holiday season. The holidays are all about connecting with those you love. Skype is excited to help you maintain these meaningful connections wherever you may be this holiday season.

Enjoy Free Skype Service This Holiday Season

According to Skype blog; from December 21 to December 27 Skype is to enrich your holiday feel by offering a free hour of Internet access to third-party wireless hotspots within the Skype WiFi hotspot footprint in select airports across the U.S.

During this week-time, travelers will enjoy free Skype services over 50 airports across United States using Skype WiFi and connect with loved ones via a Skype video or voice call for free.

Skype WiFi is available to travelers on PCs, Macs and iOS devices with some pre-requisites, like downloading of latest version for Windows and Mac. In casse of iOS devices, one must have downloaded Skype WiFi app.

The map, showing the airports where Skype service is free, at the source link below is interactive. If an airport isn't on there then the chances are that it already offers free wifi access.


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