Friday, October 9, 2009

"EcoATM" - - Automated Reuse-and-Recycle Machine That Lets Consumers Recycle Abandoned Electronics Quickly And Conveniently

Most people just throw out their old phones and gadgets in the garbage when they’re done with them (I know I do), but the latest innovation in electronic recycling, the EcoATM, may just turn that all around.

EcoATM is an automated reuse-and-recycle machine that lets consumers recycle abandoned electronics quickly and conveniently. Currently EcoATM just accepts phones, but it will be able to take other gadgets—cameras, MP3 players, computers—in the near futre. To use EcoATM, you would just feed your unwanted phone into the machine, which analyzes it and assigns the phone a value. You can choose to receive a store credit if the EcoATM says it has resale value, or have the amount donated to charity. If the phone has no resale value, you can simply have it recycled.

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