Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Browser Market Share Battle: Another Victory for Google Chrome Over Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8

“Every rise has a downfall”, it’s an old saying but fits very much for recent victory of Google Chrome over Internet Explorer in terms of market share.

 Google Chrome overtakes Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, which was considered as the undoubted king of browsing and once the holder of ‘world’s most-used browser’ tag, has lost its supremacy in browsing field to its toughest rival Google Chrome.

According to statistics and figures by StatCounter, a Web Analytic firm, Internet Explorer 8, after been trailed slightly by Google chrome in last week of November, has lost significant share of market until now.

The statistics shows that in last week of November, Internet Explorer 8 was capturing 23.5% of browser market share as compared to 23.6% of Google Chrome leaving a gap of just 0.1%; but the latest stats have shown that the gap has widened to 3% with browser market share of 22% and 25% for Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome respectively.

Chief Executive Officer of StatCounter said on this occasion that “It looks as if people favor Google Chrome on weekends at home, but office commercial use has now caught up.”

Nevertheless, one shouldn’t forget the fact that Internet Explorer 8 shows just one version of wide range of browsers under Internet Explorer. The same report of StatCounter reveals that a growing number of people (10% by StatCounter’s Analysis) are using the latest and stylish version which is Internet Explorer 9; while some habitual internet users still love Internet Explorer 7 as well as Internet Explorer 6 working, which was introduced 10 year back in 2001.

Therefore, collectively Internet Explorer still leads the race with a 38.5% share of the global browser market followed and checked closely by Google Chrome in second while Mozilla Firefox placed third at the moment.

Though Google Chrome’s super-fast growth and its striking redesigns are alarming for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the Google’s browser looks to have fought back forcefully in 2011, after a decade-long break, as search rivalry between arch rivals Google and Microsoft heated up lately to another stage.

Another worth-mentioning fact is that searches made in Internet Explorer default to Bing of Microsoft, while on the other hand Google Chrome and Firefox are both tied in with Google’s search engine. In a continuous effort to beat each other, the browser makers have been adding a bunch of advance tools and features such as extensions, synchronization, privacy, HTML5 support, and hardware acceleration etc.

Google’s hunger to lead the market in browser world could be smelled from the fact that a newer version has been released by them every 6-week time; but Google has to be very cautious in not frustrating the end-user much with updates every now and then.

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