Monday, January 9, 2012

CES Unveiled 2012: Tobii eye-tracking input device (Watch video)

The annually-held Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world's biggest tech-trade shows and is held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CES Unveiled 2012: Latest Gadgets and Gizmo's on the Show  
The show boasts of more than four decades of excellence and reaches international markets, presents previews of products as well as announcements, connects different parts of the industry and enables innovations to grow and thrive.

CES 2012 is yet to kick off officially but the flying camera drones, solar-powered Kindles, backpacks that can charge your gadgets, Android-powered TVs and the world’s thinnest laptop are some of the innovations unveiled already.

Two days before the world's biggest gadget show, many of the vendors – particularly smaller gadget-makers - like to get in early by showing off a sneak peak at their new wares at an event dubbed CES Unveiled.

Watch video below; Sarah Purewal from PCWorld tries out the Tobii eye-tracking input device at CES Unveiled 2012.

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