Friday, September 30, 2011

Google+ Gets 50 Million Users in Just 88 Days -- Experiencing Astronomical Growth, Threatening Facebook

Google Plus (Google+) achieved 50-million-user mark in record time, threatening the Facebook, the dominant in the social networking world presently. 

Google+ Gets 50 Million Users in Just 88 Days

Google+ took only 88 days to achieve this milestone, which is extraordinarily amazing if we compare it with other social networks performance. For example; Facebook took 1325 days and Twitter took 1096 days to get the same number of users, while MySpace improved it with 50 days by getting the target in 1046 days.

Only in last week Google+ opened its doors for everyone, after a 3-month "invite only" period, enticing internet users to be part of all-new dynamic social network.  
According to Paul Allen, an unofficial statistician for Google+ and the founder of, the 1269% growth in the week, from Sept. 17 to Sept. 24, is unbelievably phenomenal.

Two million new users are signing up for Google+ per day, Allen stated further.

The report extracted from the source below:

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