Sunday, April 10, 2011

Laurieann Gibson Hails Lady Gaga for Her Committment as She danced With Hurt Feet

Lady Gaga showed she is ready to endure for her art. Reportedly, pop star kept on dancing with her feet bleeding on the set of one of her music videos.

According to news; Lady Gaga was on the set to film her LoveGame promo wearing a pair of sky-high Christian Louboutin shoes. In the middle of the shoot she realized that toes of her feet are bleeding due to extensive dancing and at one point of time she thought to stop the shoot requesting her creative director Laurieann Gibson. 

But after few words of support and encouragement from her Gibson she agreed to conclude the shoot as it was almost at the finishing point already.  

Gibson told at the end of shoot, "It was almost the last couple of shots, and she limps over to me and she says, 'Oh, my feet are hurting me,' and I said, 'You told me you wanted to a superstar...

You dance till they say cut.'"

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