Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WINGStand by Kickstarter Project - - Transforms Your Keyboard into an iPad Stand

Getting a wireless keyboard was one of the best ideas you had for your Bluetooth devices right? That is, until they made a keyboard dock that essentially does the same thing, only a little bit better. The only thing is that you aren’t going to want to spend more money on another keyboard if you already have one, just because it holds your device up like a stand. An ingenious new Kickstarter project that will be hitting production soon will both fix your keyboard/stand problems, and make sure you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

WINGStand by Kickstarter Project

The WINGStand is a very cleverly designed bit of plastic that can hold up your Bluetooth device like a monitor for your wireless keyboard. It just snaps on to the back part of the keyboard and sits so it is at an ideal angle to type with. If you get in this project before it’s Kickstarter time limit ends, and pledge $20, you can have your very own WINGStand when they hit production. Every additional $15 after the initial $20 will be another one that they will send you.

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