Monday, April 11, 2011

Autoerotique's Exploding Cakes - - "Turn Up The Volume"

Exploding Cakes - - "Turn Up The Volume"

You would love to hear with full volume on good set of speakers.

This Autoerotique video comes from the excellent team of Jay Miles and Derek Blais. This is one video that must be watched with a wicked set of speakers and in full-screen high definition.

Exploding Cakes. Solid beat. Sweet. Cakehead would be proud.

Directors: Jay Miles & Derek Blais

Producer: Eric Sim

Cinematographer: Max Chin

Editor: Chris Murphy

Art Director: Drew Lint

Set Designer & Master Cake: Zazu Myers

Wardrobe: Tania Martins

Hair & Makeup: Tami El Sombati

Offline Facility: Relish

Offline Producer: Kate Bate

Colourist: Conor Fisher

Colour Facility: Alter Ego

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