Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Royal Wedding Guests: Berkshire Pub Owner, John Haley, Ecstatic to Be Invited on April 29

LONDON - John Haley, one of the Royal Wedding invitee, is none other than an owner of Old Boom Inn, happened to be Kate Middleton’s favourite pub. 

Although the 55-year-old, John Haley, is ecstatic after receiving his invitation card for the much-awaited and much-discussed wedding ceremony worldwide; but he is also concerned about the things which will get "expensive" as he will need to buy a new suit for the big day on April 29.

Mr Haley added: “I'm over the moon, it's absolutely fabulous to have got an invitation and I'm delighted for the couple.”

Mr Haley has been serving at the Old Boot Inn, a grade two-listed 18th century pub in the Berkshire village of Stanford Dingley, for 14 year.

Kate Middleton and her family, who live close by in the community of Bucklebury, have been regular visitors during his time as landlord and she has also brought Prince Williams with her on numerous times.

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