Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dolce Gusto Fontana: Futuristic Way to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee with Pre-infused Capsules of Different Blends

Days have gone when a lot of labour of grinding and dishing has to be done for just a single cup of coffee. Now the time is to enjoy a cup of coffee in a futuristic way with Dolce Gusto Fontana.   

This futuristic espresso maker is another addition to the Nescafe family, and offers yummy combinations from pre-infused capsules. Choose your cappuccino, mocha, americano or hot chocolate, slip in the satchet, and with the flick of the button your hot, roasted brew is ready. 

Where the technology behind this device is not essentially unique compared to competing products, the industrial design of it is quite aesthetically interesting. The coffee machine has been molded to the shape of a C and seems to beam down your delicious bean drink. The Dolce Gusto Fontana comes in black, white and red, serving up both efficiency and attractiveness.

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