Thursday, March 10, 2011

Solar Pool Skimmer - - Help You Out Skim and Clean Your Swimming Pool

Seeing that it’s still really cold outside, my mind is on the summer months. Of course, the warmer months aren’t all fun and games. Instead of bundling up, you’re trying to stay cool. One great way to do so is by taking a dip in the pool, should you have one at your disposal. The downside of having a pool in your yard is all of the upkeep. Every day you have to skim it, then vacuum it rather often as well. Wouldn’t it be great to have a gadget that would do some of the work for you?

This Solar Pool Skimmer might not eliminate all of your pool-related work, but it will certainly help. As the name implies, the device is a pool skimmer that gets its power from the sun’s rays. The great thing is that the device doesn’t need to be charged, since it’s not only going to function while the sun is up, but it will keep going for a few hours after the sun goes down. Also, since you’re skimming the water all of the time (instead of just once or twice a day), you’re actually going to catch more of the debris before it sinks to the bottom, giving you less to vacuum up later. Of course, being lazy doesn’t come cheap. This contraption will set you back a full $500. At least you have a few months to save up before you’ll be able to use it.

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