Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roller-Shaper: The Rotating Body Massager - - Cuts Extra Fat Without Exercise

Roller-Shaper: The Rotating Body Massager
A lot of people are continuously looking for a way to lose weight without having to really exercise or workout, and the Roll-Shaper may be another option that gets the plump to the gym more effectively than a treadmill does.

Roller-Shaper, the rotating body massager is large enough to press your back, thighs, butt and belly and it comes with instructions for several “workouts” that involve holding different positions against the mechanical roller. 

Although the weight loss claim may be a little contentious, the manufacturers emphasize that the Roll-Shaper has great results for lymphatic drainage and ultimately for overall health. The image of a room full of Roll-Shapers rather than cross-trainers may remain surprising for some, but so long as users see some physiological result, this may be worth a try. 

Just watch out the Roller-Shaper machine in action HERE.

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Raj said...

does anybody knows where from i can buy this machine...

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