Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Da Capo Gaia Rings: Named After Greek Titan goddess - - Intricated Inner Patterened Jewelry

It may not interest everyone, but the idea of having jewelry like these Da Capo Gaia Rings gives the wearer a cherished secret. The elegant titanium accessories feature an unbroken inner loop of intricate patterning, inspired by the vibrant hidden lining of men’s suits.

Made from the durable metal, these burnished bands have been named after the Greek Titan goddess, Gaia, often characterized as Mother Earth. Exhibiting a clean and unblemished outer ring, the piece’s inside layer reveals the inner beauty and complexities of form, derived from nature herself.

 Looking a little like a repeated Arabic motif, the design of the Da Capo Gaia Rings still very much take on a universal charm. Made to match the Irish goldsmiths’ line of bracelets and cufflinks, these exquisite items of jewelry give the owner the greatest aesthetic satisfaction.

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