Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"iPad Mini": 7-inched Version of iPad - - Taiwanese Pop Star, Jimmy Lin Source of The Latest Rumour

Apple fans always looking something new in all kinds of rumours associated with Apple; regardless of the truth and reality behind such rumours. The seven-inch ‘iPad Mini’ the latest one among the long list but that is also strictly denied by Steve Jobs; as in the earlier cases. 

Despite the denial from Steve Jobs, Apple fans are keenly waiting for the micro version of their beloved gadget. The much discussed rumour is reportedly took off from the doors of Taiwanese pop star, Jimmy Lin with a picture below holding both version in the hands. 

 The 7-inch iPad Mini, pictured above, can’t be regarded as solid evidence of fate of rumoured device as it could be easily faked, but it does make us wonder what Apple [AAPL] is planning, regardless of what Steve Jobs has said. For now just enjoy the picture and play with smaller version of your beloved gadget just indreams.

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