Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Childhood Dream Comes True With a “Real” PKE Meter - - A Real Life Ghost Buster for Backyard Activity

It’s funny how long it takes a company to get around to making good toys that tie into a franchise. I mean, the first movie is as old as I am. I remember having a toy Proton Pack, PKE Meter and Ghost Trap when I was young. The only thing that didn’t look right was the PKE Meter. It seemed that they modeled it after the one used in the cartoon. It didn’t bother me too much, as I was busy bustin’ ghosts in my back yard.

Well if you’ve been aching for a “real” PKE Meter, the people at Mattel are finally almost ready to oblige. The replica features light sequences seen in both films, three different screen displays with animations and fully moving wings. Its $80 price tag is probably more than you’ll want to spend on a toy for your kids, but it might be perfect for the kid in you. It’s currently up for pre-order, and supposedly shipping later this month.

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