Friday, December 31, 2010

All New Cruiserio Coupe: Revamped Mercedes Maybach From Maybach and Xenatec - - Features a Powerful 600+ Horsepower Twin-turbocharged V12 Engine

One of the foremost names in the field of luxury automobiles, Maybach and the German engineering company, Xenatec, have now joined hands to bring out an all new and revamped Mercedes Maybach, in the form of an all new Cruiserio. This incredible coupe retains almost every aspect of the original Maybach 57 S limousine, while keeping the car to the status of a two door coupe. The Xenatec Maybach project, that was announced in the month of May this year, was given additional lifeline with the influx of $90.8 million investment from the Saudi firm called AutoKingdom

The all new Cruiserio Coupe features a powerful 600+ horsepower twin-turbocharged V12 engine, and the interiors as well as the technical aspects of the Maybach have been retained to keep the spirit of this luxury vehicle alive. This incredible new design was unveiled at the Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart, and as per reports, the company has planned to manufacture only 100 models of this gorgeous piece of automotive art. The Cruiserio Coupe will be available from James List in Riyadh with a price tag of $940,000.

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