Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall-Winter 2011 Collection For Men at American Eagle - - Colorful as Always And Inspired by the Nation’s Heritage

The Fall-Winter collection for men at American Eagle is colorful as always and inspired by the nation’s heritage. They suggest four different styles in the lookbook: the vintage vibe, with worn denim and grunge shirts, coast to coast, with rough boots and striped cardigans, going green, with khaki tones and military boots and vibrant layers, which obviously refers to the layering style.

The brand comes with funky, colorful tees and hoodies. Stripes are used the most, with a slight navy inspiration. The “campus collection” consists of graphic tees, with college themes – sports (especially football teams), funny messages or drawings. The American Eagle symbol is, of course, present on most tops.

Plaid flannels and checkered shirts make timeless additions to a man’s wardrobe. These are very casual and can be worn with jeans and hoodies. The jackets for this season are of military inspiration, like the cotton camouflage jacket, or college inspiration, like the wool duffle coat.
Concerning accessories, AE offers warm hats (check out the one with antlers if you want something fun!), fingerless gloves, cool watches, wallets, necklaces and even headphones. All of these are guaranteed to offer a youthful, cool look this winter.

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