Friday, December 31, 2010

Gyro Bowl: BPH-free Plastic Bowl With Handles - - Will Not Let Anything Spillout

How many times have you had a bowl of…anything, and spilled it? No matter what we do, or how hard we try, food is just not content to keep itself contained in a dish. However, with the Gyro Bowl, this problem magically disappears.

This BPH-free plastic bowl with handles has an inner bowl that rotates 360 degrees. You literally cannot spill anything because it will counter whatever mess-inducing movement you make. The design makes sure that the open part of the bowl is at the top, and stays that way. It is a combination of some happy bright colors and even though it’s likely aimed at food for toddlers, it would be useful for pretty much anything you want to put in it. It comes with a fresh-lock lid so its usefulness can increase by ten. To add on top of that, it’s also top-rack dishwasher safe, so it won’t be a nightmare to clean. Best of all, the $15 price tag (for a pair of bowls) won’t break the bank.

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