Friday, December 31, 2010

“Loan a Book” at Amazon Kindle - - eBook Lending Idea Transformed into Reality by Amazon

If you own a book, you can let anyone borrow it. If you own an e-book, you can’t really let anyone borrow it unless you’re comfortable passing over your e-reader to a friend for a while.

Amazon Kindle users heard that there would be a lending feature on its Kindle e-reader platform by the end of the year. And so, it has finally arrived (with little time to spare). It was just yesterday that all Kindle device and app owners achieved the ability to “loan a book” to a friend. All you have to do is go to Manage Your Kindle on the web, and click on the “Loan this book” button next to a book you have purchased.

Not all books are able to be loaned out as it’s up to publishers of each individual book to enable that feature. Whoever you loan out your book to will be able to read it for the next two weeks, and just like in the physical world, when you lend a book, you don’t get to read it. This is the same with this new option. You can’t loan the same book out to two people at the same time, and you can only lend it out once. Yes, only once.

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Catherine said...

Check out the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook - for people to request and offer Kindle book loans, discover great new books for free, and share their collection with other book lovers:

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