Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facebook Font Change Will Possibly Effect Elderly Users

You may have noticed something different about your Facebook wall this morning, namely that you couldn’t read it.

Facebook has decreased its newsfeed font size dramatically and users are none too happy. And that’s just the young ones.

Only 7% of Facebook users are aged 55-65, the smallest piece of the Facebook pie.

They’re probably aiming to keep it that way, as Facebook, and the majority of its advertising, are both aimed at youth culture, especially the never-ending stream of Build Muscle Fast ads that make you feel terrible about yourself.

The best thing about Facebook is that everyone is on it; The worst thing about Facebook is that everyone is on it, including your mom and your grandma. It’s a Dickensian paradox the company is more than aware of (because they’re so smart). They can’t have Facebook becoming AARP.

We’ll see if the smaller font wards off the elderly, as Ensure ads are probably a tough sell for the Facebook ad staff.

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