Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alcatel OT-209: The Cheapest Mobile Phone Ever - - Ideal for College Student With Just 99p

Don’t we all get bored of using the same mobile phones over a long period of time? Carphone Warehouse has found the ultimate solution to our boredom. It is introducing the mobile that you can throw without a second thought.

According to the firm, no mobile phone, cheaper than this OT-209 has ever been sold in the United Kingdom. Made by the French firm Alcatel, here’s something to gift someone whenever you are short of cash. Why, you could actually gift this to a lot of people at the same time!

This phone is ideal for college students who are apt to lose their phones rather easily and others who are forgetful or unnerved by technology because this phone has very simple features and is as uncomplicated as it can get. This phone comes with a connection to Virgin Network and apart from buying a ten pound credit to make calls and send text messages there are no other hidden charges.

At a price of 99p, it couldn’t get cheaper than this.

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