Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moon: The Hottest Honeymoon Destination - - Honeymoon Suite in a Spaceshuttle Designed by Yelken Octuri

The hottest destinations are no longer Paris, Rome and Venice. Oh no, this time you can’t even guess it. It’s the moon!

Yelken Octuri works as a designer of interiors for Airbus. His hobby is to create imaginary airplanes that the rest of us can’t even imagine. His latest creation is a honeymoon suite in a space shuttle for those very enthusiastic people who would to have this fantabulous experience of honeymooning in space. Octuri’s design is such that a large shuttle takes off and releases the honeymoon space suite into space. The suit comes with huge windows that give you panoramic views of the earth.

Not to forget the lovely, soft, round bed. If you are wondering how exactly the couple is going to honeymoon in all that weightlessness, Octuri has solutions for that too. Wrapping structures or outfits with straps will be used so that the couple doesn’t keep floating about and knows exactly what microgravity sex is all about. As for coming back to earth, parachutes will drop you down into the ocean once the honeymoon is over.

Price for this starry experience, unknown!

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