Thursday, February 17, 2011

EA7/Reebok Zig Tech Line: The Sneakers For Those Who Love Reebok’s Attitude and Emporio Armani’s Style

The most of the people are devoted to definite brands and Reebok and Armani have their own fan following. When the best of both worlds are put together then it becomes a pleasure for those fans who love Reebok’s attitude and Emporio Armani’s style. These two big brands have teamed up to bring a new line of shoes and sneakers called the EA7/Reebok Zig Tech line.

The Zig Tech line look very attractive with their distinct zig-zag soles, from where they get the name. The latest in this line are activewear and shoes that are being introduced off-late. Reebok has always looked out for the consumer’s comfort and Emporio Armani brings style to the forefront and hence the latest line of these shoes are comfortable, aesthetic and fulfill the scientific-sportswear function well. Here is a video of the same.

The picture above represents the ZigLace Shoe. The Reebok ZigPump that is silver with a glossy patent inserts, and is equipped with the Reebok pump mechanism and a midfoot strap to keep the foot in place.

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