Tuesday, November 9, 2010

“Gimme Power”: Unique iPhone Docking Station - - Hand-shaped Sculpture Designed by York Street Studio

Gadget chargers are usually characterized by ugly plugs and messy wires. The hyper hyped iPhone have seen a plethora of applications and docking stations but this kickass “Gimme Power” charger has surprised me. The uber stylish and yet functional device is shaped like a hand and gives one an impression that the hand itself is gawking at one of the Apple’s most roaring creation.

Crafted from Ceramic, this wasn’t intended to be a gadget in the first place rather just a sculpture designed by York Street Studio. The design firm is known for carving almost everything from leather-trimmed bathtubs to square brass doorknobs and thereby unleashes an element of surprise in everyday lives. It was the firm’s owner’s daughter who wished to bring some technology to this piece and the result as “Gimme Power” docking station for iPhone and iPod.

The unique docking station is available in choices of white and silver finish. The makers suggest that they are working on other color options too. They also believe that since messy cords and sockets are out of the picture here, the hand-alike gadget will also serve as an eye-catching paperweight. It’s a little pricey for $180, but that’s the premium one needs to pay for the offbeat design.

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