Monday, October 5, 2009

“Alienware” Designed By British Designer Kevin Boulton - - Amazing Futuristic Speakers For Music Lovers

Kevin Boulton is a British designer who certainly knows what he is thinking and how he can conceptualize and materialize his thought. He has designed a speaker system which is called “Alienware”. The highlight of these speakers is their design itself, and each speaker comes with a tweeter, 2 middle sound speakers, a low frequency speaker and an amazing design.

An ergonomic design allows proper channelizing of low vibration in order to create a sound effect that is beyond your ordinary home entertainment system experience. While the whole world is going gaga about the wireless experience, the Alienware speakers exude a sort of postmodernism where wires can be seen visibly and that too in an explicit manner.

There is no information available about the availability and price of these speakers but they should be out anytime soon if the designer finds a manufacturer! I would say, just hold on and wait till you find one of these speakers and buy it the moment you see them!

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