Monday, October 5, 2009

Cool New Headset Unveiled By Ryan Parry in Association With GlobiGames Ltd - - For Physically Impaired: Tilt Your Headset and Control a Gadget!

Ryan Parry in association with GlobiGames Ltd has unveiled a cool new headset which seeks to define the way they are used and understood, albeit in a progressive manner.

The headset is specifically designed for impaired people who cannot move easily or those who cannot manipulate buttons on a phone easily. They would just have to scroll through a basic menu and to select, or deselect and to choose a particular icon, they would just have to tilt their head. Thus, the unique headset is called “Tilt” and it can be worn and used to control a phone perhaps.

When you are not using the headset, it can be held on a wristband and is thus very convenient to use and safeguard. There is no information about its price or availability and thus, we may have to wait for sometime till we get more information. It would be amazing if such a product were manufactured as it would allow us to help impaired people lead a more dignified and self sufficient lifestyle.

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