Monday, October 5, 2009

"Bulb" Chair With a Bulb Over It - - Gaëtan Van de Wyer Created A Cool-Looking Art Piece

Gaëtan Van de Wyer has designed the “Bulb” which is a queer design that surpasses all your imaginations. It is an indoor chair that can be used as a LED lamp, and that which would not just illuminate your living space but also make you look cool in front of your guests.

It is made of green and sustainable materials like water hyacinth, rattan, and has a natural colour that exudes style and chicness.

The chair looks more like an alien device than a piece of furniture and that is perhaps what makes it so attractive. Moreover, if you have the habit of reading books for a long time, the LED light on the top would help you to stop creasing your eyes and minimize eye strain which can wreak havoc on your vision.

The furniture piece can be bought easily and you would have to place an order. There is no information available about the price but you really should not be thinking about price when it comes to cool designs such as this.

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