Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash: Autopsy Delayed by L.A Coroner

The autopsy of the Fast & Furious star, Paul Walker, is delayed by the authorities citing that the body is unidentifiable; while the identity of the other occupant is revealed by police.

Paul Walker Body Unidentifiable: Autopsy Delayed by Authorities

The 40-year-old Paul Walker was reportedly killed in a fiery car crash Saturday evening in the community of Valencia when he was returning with his friend/business partner Roger Rodas, 38, from a charity event in Santa Clarita, CA earlier in the day. 

According to eyewitnesses; Paul was driving the red Porsche GT, which was reduced to unrecognizable twisted metal after the tragic crash. The single-car crash happened about 3:30 p.m. on Hercules Street near Constellation Road in the Rye Canyon Business Park, fire officials said.


The body of Paul Walker was reportedly so badly burned in the car crash fire that the coroner must hold off on the autopsy, TMZ reports.


The L.A. County Coroner can’t identify Paul’s body and needs dental records to complete to process. As a result, the autopsy will be delayed until later in the week.

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