Tuesday, June 14, 2011

RoboStir: A Perfect Kitchen Partner - - Don't Get Started Without RoboStir

There are a few people out there that still like to make time-consuming home-cooked meals. For those of us that would like to start cooking at home, but can’t sit over a stove watching a pan or pot, there are devices like the RoboStir.

Requiring only 4 AA batteries, this little stirring device will make sure that the entirety of the bottom of your pot will stay free of burnt build-up. It is also fully submersible and waterproof, which would make sense, as you’ll be putting it in liquid a lot. Best of all, whenever you’re finished, you simply snap it apart and can put it in the dishwasher. 

Costing only $11, this is a cheap and easy way to keep your food from being neglected while it’s cooking. Meals especially like sauces or beans that need stirring for hours almost require something like this, as you don’t want to throw your arm out of socket trying to stir it yourself.

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