Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HandyShell: Functional and Protective iPad Case - - Use Your iPad With Utmost Ease

We’re all looking for a case for our iPad that is going to be comfortable for us to hold, but also have functionality beyond a regular case. Seeing as the iPad can be kind of hard to just set to the side, a protective covering such as the HandyShell would be ideal so you can hang it up on a hook or prop it up.

This case is made out of polyurethane and polycarbonate housing that will give you all the protection you could want. It features a handle on the back of the case that can be rotated about 180 degrees. It’s not just a convenient stand though. This handle makes holding the iPad much easier, provides a sort of “neck” for the Guitar app, and can give you a way to hang the iPad on the wall. It does cost a pretty penny at $54.95, but it has a lot of functionality that will make it money well spent.

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