Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Facebook Users Touch 700 Million: SocialBakers

Facebook Users Touch 700 Million: SocialBakers
According to SocialBakers, which is run by a Facebook marketing firm Candytech Ltd. of the Czech Republic, Facebook is enjoying an amazing growth in Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico and Argentina and the figure of current active users have crossed whopping 700 million.

According to data collected by SocialBakers, a site that specializes in statistics on the social networking giants, the Facebbok users in Brazil increase by 19 million showing 11% growth. This is a remarkable growth in the wake of the fact that there’s a strong presence of Google-owned social network Orkut in Brazil.

In terms of Facebook users, United States is still on the top with 149.4 million users even after experiencing a 4% loss of users in the last month.

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