Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VIVA: The world's largest floating island located in Seoul’s Han River - - The Real Tourists Attraction in South Korea

The concept of a floating island is not terribly new. However, the trend towards such islands seems to be catching on. And it could soon become big in Asia, given that South Korea’s new floating island, Viva, is now a week old. Located in Seoul’s Han River, this tourist attraction is currently the largest floating island in the world. But it is by no means the only one of its kind in the region, for there are plans of having three artificial islands on this river.

VIVA: The world's largest floating island located in Seoul’s Han River
Moreover, Viva will soon be ousted as the largest floating island in the world by one of the other two islands in the pipeline. Viva, which measures in at 3,271 square meters, houses a three-storey structure with a convention hall that can seat 700 people. The island is also home to restaurants, parks and outdoor terraces. There are viewing points all around the center that offer fantastic views. However, even the island is a majestic sight by night thanks to light shows that illuminate the three-storey building. There are video games as well, offering some fun recreation.

The remaining islands are due to open in September. The islands are anchored to a huge buoy with 28 mooring chains and float on the river surface. This also ensures safety during bad weather.

Together, the three islands will occupy a space of 20,400 square meters and will be able to host 6,200 people. The complex of floating islands will feature three cultural centers where performances, water sports and aquatic events will be on offer. Last year, before the opening of Viva, 59 million had visited the Han River. The artificial island complex is expected to further boost its popularity.

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