Thursday, June 2, 2011

Electrolux Powermix: The First Patented “Sound Reduction System”

It seems to sound a little silly to put out a blender that is ten times quieter than all other blenders. This little guy still spits out about 80 db of sound which is the same as a car going 55 mph, as opposed to most blenders that are 95 db and sound like a motorcycle.

The Electrolux Powermix has a patented “Sound Reduction System” which reduces vibrations, and gets better airflow around the motor. If sound really bothers you, then this may be an item for you to look into. You may have to do a little searching though, as it’s currently only available in certain parts of Europe. Otherwise, this is a really pointless thing that you will likely pay a lot of money for. If it advertises that it should be really quiet, it should actually be really quiet, and not still whirring about at 80db.

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