Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jennifer Rubell Created a Life-sized Waxed Statue of Prince Williams for Royal Wedding Fanatics

Royal wedding is one of the hottest topics to discuss and we’re coming across really novel imaginations and creations, by different people around the world, associated with this wedding which is scheduled on April 29.

Earlier I’ve featured here a Beautiful Mug and Comic Book about the Royal Couple.

Recently an American artist, Jennifer Rubell created a life-sized waxed statue of Prince Williams which is showcased in the window of Stephen Friedman Gallery in London. 

The unique waxwork of Jenifer Rubell presents an open offer to every girl for posing with the future King of England. Once any girl would slide her arm through the arms of waxed-Williams she would feel the excitement of Kate Middleton on the eve of engagement.

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