Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Megatron Quadband Camera Phone Watch: Be a Complete Secret Agent For Just $100

This 'Megatron Quadband Camera Phone Watch' will probably not convert into an evil mastermind Nissan 370Z robot, but it could be useful in the rain when you need to call a cab. The thing sports a 1.3 inch touchscreen, a microSD slot for memory storage, quadband GSM/GPRS phone, MP3 player, FM radio, sound recorder and a VGA camera and camcorder function. Phew! Priced at $99.59/£61.79 unlocked and complete with a Bluetooth ear-set so you don’t have to look a complete dork talking to your wrist.

 It brings together cutting edge technology and extra special features like Bluetooth functionality for easy access to handsfree calling. what’s more, the 1.3 inch touch screen allows for easy menu navigation and quick dialing. Though it comes with a stylus, the screen is big enough for your finger taps no problem.

Source: Chinavaision

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