Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“Marusia” Formula-1 Car Unveiled at BBC Television Centre - Trial Run on Feb. 10 in Spain

“Marusia” Formula-1 Car unveiled at BBC Television Centre today. The tele-show-like unveiling ceremony was seen in London only; while Russians can enjoy its recording later on.

Russia-based Nikolai Fomenko Motors Company has designed and built “Marusia” Formula-1 Car. Mr. Fomenko, the founder of the company, was a singer and actor with an extraordinary affection for speedsters. The company’s first produced car “Marussia” B1 featured in popular TV show “Top Gear”, which immediately caught the attention of Britons. Jeremy Clarkson, the show presenter, admired immensely the technical specs and features of the vehicle.

 In 2009 Marussia Motors purchased major portion of shares of British Virgin Racing to form a new “Marussia Virgin Racing” and “Marusia” Formula-1 Car is the first production of the merged company which will bear MVR-02 logo.

A trial run is scheduled in Spain on February 10, which is highly recommended to watch for racing car lovers.

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