Monday, February 7, 2011

Luxurious and Magnificent Bird Mansions Created by John Looser

TORONTO- Canada-based John Looser has come with some brilliant ideas to build lovely residences for feathered friends. These superb bird mansions are not just master pieces of art; but the same are extraordinarily detailed, magnificent and luxurious structures. 

 One of his creations has 103 rooms, plus a swimming pool that shows his amazingly detailed work. One more, for example, has a fly-through tunnel made for crazy birds. 

These luxurious creations of John Looser are created in Toronto and buzzing around the circles of Canadian bird lovers. These are totally handmade creations using reclaimed wood that adds exclusivity to these beautiful bird houses. 

Looser’s largest bird mansion is 9 feet by 9 feet in size. Few of his creations sometimes take weeks to complete the project that exactly matches his imagination and standard. 

The prices for his creations go up to £15,000 (that is about $24,180). Plus, Looser hopes to create replicas of famous English buildings, just for lovely birds, in the coming years.

For more details visit Looser’s bird mansions.

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