Monday, February 7, 2011

Leica's New Range of Digital Cameras: Look Expert With Your Ordinary Talent of Photography

I remember, in the golden days of my childhood, my uncle had a Yashica camera; which required manual focussing and lot of other manual settings to have a good result out of it. 

But in the modern world of technology; gone are the days when the excellence of a picture depended upon the ability of the photographer. These days a lot depends upon the quality of the camera. Whatever be the decade, Leica has always brought out excellent cameras. 

1.      Leica V-Lux 20:  It takes great pictures without being too complex to use. The 12.1 megapixel camera has HD movie recording and GPS tagging abilities as well. Priced at $699. 

2.      Leica D Lux 5: This is a daily use camera can capture extremely typical images. As compared to the other cameras in this class, it has edge in terms of faster lens and zoom, with practical range of focal lengths, plus memory saving and 720-pixel HD video features. 

3.      Leica M9: Quite contrary to Leica D Lux 5, it’s not a daily use camera. It happens to be world’s first model with a 24 by 36 sensor, making it very special of digital rangefinder cameras. Compatible with almost all existing M lenses, this camera comes with a price tag of $6,995.

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