Sunday, February 6, 2011

G-Slate: Glasses-free 3D Tablet PC from LG - - Coming to U.S. Via T-Mobiles From Next Month

In the modern world of hi-tech gadgets and gizmos 3D features are becoming and integral part; but the need for special glasses, necessary to watch 3D images, is the biggest drawback associated with 3D technology.   

But LG Electronics, Korean consumer electronics giant, claims users of its first tablet PC, dubbed the G-Slate, with an 8.9-inch touch-sensitive screen, will be able to watch 3D high-definition video footage without glasses.

LG is the first to offer 3D viewing images on tablets. No official announcements have so far been reported from LG’s biggest cross-town rival Samsung Electronics or even Apple

LG said that the G-Slate, which will go on sale via T-Mobile USA starting next month, will run on Android 3.0, or Honeycomb, and feature a Tegra2 processor, 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video conferencing and the capability of 3D video playback.

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