Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Samsung Star II: Refreshed Model of Samsung Star (Samsung S5230) - - With More Emphasis on Social Networking Sites, INtegrated Applications and More Customizing Flexibility

The original Samsung Star which was also known as the Samsung S5230 was launched in March 2009 and since the release of the smartphone, Samsung has enjoyed strong sales with more then 30 million units having been shipped. With the success of the original, Samsung is preparing to release a refreshed model which will be called the Samsung Star II.

Like most modern smartphones, the emphasis on this model will be on social networking sites, integrated applications as well as providing customers with more flexibility in customizing the handset. Where the phone differs from its predecessor is the Star II has a few more features such as a capacitive touchscreen display and wireless 802.11 network connectivity, but aside from this, the remainder of the features do seem very similar to the original handset.

The phone will be available in Germany starting in February with pricing still to be announced. From there, the phone will continue to launch throughout Europe and Asia but there is no information as to if this phone will be made available in the US.

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