Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Olympus TP-7: A Mini-microphone to Record Conversation Via Phone

If you’ve ever had to do an interview over the phone, you know how awesome the idea is to just record everything the person says and write it out later. There is finally a cheap way to do this. The Olympus TP-7 is a mini-microphone that will record whatever conversation you’re having via phone into whichever device you desire. It’s rather small and lightweight, which makes it easy to slip into our bag and pull out when needed. All you do for setup is put the ear bud in and hit record. Just make sure you don’t forget to switch ears if your phone needs to switch sides.

This helpful little product only costs $11, which can make it look like it’s poor quality. Although you can rest assured it does its job as if you were hearing it again. Of course you’re voice will be louder, and it will still be a mobile call, but it is likely to help you get through interviews more efficiently than you would jotting down notes otherwise. Just try and make sure you’ve asked permission to record the conversation from the start.

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