Monday, January 24, 2011

NY Designer Karim Rashid Came Up With New Cool Line of Furniture for Finnish Company Punkalive - - Showcased at IMM Clologne 2011

Punkalive recently showcased cool new furniture by NY designer Karim Rashid at this year's IMM Cologne. Punkalive by the way is this Finnish design company that is just two years old. The company’s products are made by an interesting combination of laminated pieces of Finnish spruce shaped by a computer controlled milling machine. Their ‘High Roller’ chairs have been described as a “complex form that is between natural and the artificial, mysterious yet harmonic”, while their Maya stack tables take inspiration from the Mayan ancient civilization of the Americas.

These guys aim to create products that are sustainable, biodegradable and have a very futuristic look at the same time. The production of Punkalive products are based in their home town of Punkaharju. The wood used by them comes from certified forests located within 100 kilometres of their production facility.

Due to their computer controlled fabrication equipment, they have managed to cut down the generation of waste materials to almost zero. Even the hot water generated at their production plant is re-used to provide heat to the town. These guys also planted more trees in the surrounding area than they had cut down. Other companies should definitely take some inspiration from them. A commendable job indeed!

Source: Punkalive

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