Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kraft and Intel to Answer "What for Dinner..? - - Using Anonymous Video Analytics Technology By Scanning Your Face

It’s the age-old question. “What’s for dinner?” There are days where we just have no idea what we can make for dinner, and sometimes we cave and go out to eat. This can be really expensive over time. There is finally someone to help you decide…or rather something to help you decide.

Kraft and Intel have teamed up together to make a kiosk that will help you out with some dinner suggestions and a shopping list. It works by scanning your face with Anonymous Video Analytics technology that can figure out your age and gender group, and make up some suggestions based off of that. People generally go off of the same ten recipes for meals, so this could be a good way to spice things up as well. Though it is helpful, it was made to help Kraft sell products, seeing as you could simply look up everything online.

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