Monday, January 24, 2011

FIDA: Compact and Transformable Furniture Designed by Partick Frey for VIAL - - Winner of 2011 iF Product Design Award

The good thing about transformable furniture is that they are compact, manoeuvrable, and make things so much more convenient for us. This year at IMM Cologne, such a furniture was showcased. Called FIDA, this fabric pad is made by Partick Frey for VIAL. The interesting thing about this fabric pad is that it can be folded in different ways to create a chair like furniture for you.

One would be bewildered as to how a fabric can be turned into furniture. The designer has attached semi-rigid elements on one side of this fabric that gives it the sufficient rigidity to retain a shape, and also sufficient softness to make it foldable. The fabric piece comes with straps and clasps that can be used to give it the desired shape or fold up when done.  FIDA has been covered with CORDURA®, a military grade outdoor fabric which is water resistant and does not fade in the sun.

 I had my doubts whether this would actually have the required hardness to make it comfortable as it is after all made by a fabric, but FIDA is surprisingly comfortable. Well I guess it’s quality and innovation is backed by the fact that it has won the 2011 iF product design award.

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