Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Idea Centre A 320: World's Thinnest All-in-one PC From Lenovo - - Performace Packed Model For Just $700

Lenovo is not a company to sit back on its laurels. The rate at which they keep coming up with newer and better products is astonishing. They have been holding the distinction of the thinnest PC for three years running. But instead of sitting back to enjoy the honour they have been striving to upgrade their offerings. Their new Idea Centre A 320 at 18.5 inches deep is the thinnest all in one PC in the world.

This model packs the performance to match the best. It has the same 21.5 inch widescreen display like its predecessor but the latest Intel Core i5 processor has been incorporated for better performance. The RAM in this model can go up to 8GB with a 750 GB HDD. With a HDMI-in the A 320 can be a replacement for your bedroom or kitchen TV.

The other model in the pipeline at Lenovo which will hit the market with A 320 in June this year is Idea Centre B 320. This model features Hardware TV technology that lets you switch between TV and computer functions. The final prices for these models have not been declared but the estimated starting prices should be around $700.

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