Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MiLi HD iPad Dock: Features an HDMI Output And a Built-in Speaker With Volume Control on The Front

There aren’t a ton docks with output functionality for iOS devices that can hold the iPad. So when I saw the MiLi HD that has an HDMI out, I was rather pleased to say the least. This small dock has a very modern feel, and a sort of spacey design. It is white and a bright light blue, and looks round, but drops off into an angle for the dock. It’s not very big, so the blue band that runs around it goes up to act as a support leg where the body of the dock drops off.

The MiLi HD also has a built-in speaker, which you don’t really need since you have the HDMI out, but hey, who’s going to complain about convenience? There are volume controls on the front bottom section that would sit just below whatever device you’ve got on the dock. This little one will do all the normal charging and such like any good dock that’s worth it’s salt.

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