Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dog Dung Vacuum - - To Clean the Dung of Your Pet With Ease and Dignity

Dogs are a man’s best friends. They play with us, provide company, and even save us from time to time. Their poop however, is something that dog owners wish they could get around, or avoid altogether. If it sounds disgusting, it is exactly as gross as you think it is. To pick up after your pooch takes a dump is both humiliating, and has the potential to start up your gag reflex. A solution has finally been created that will save your dignity, and helps you stay away from what people normally have the ability to flush away.

The Dog Dung Vacuum will put whatever your beloved pet leaves behind into a disposable bag. This is also done with a  30,000-rpm motor, so you can be certain that it will pick up a mess in the winter, off of grass, or concrete. If you own a dog; you’re likely jumping for joy about now.  Even though this super vacuum will cost $99.95, it will be well spent seeing as a twelve hour charge will get you 50 waste suctions, and you’ll never have to bend down to scoop poop ever again.

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