Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best Way to Say 'I Love You' - - Kara Ross Jewelry at New York: Valentine’s Day Special Edition

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and you are determined to make it memorable and different this year. It is not very difficult to make a fabulous reservation for the occasion but when it comes to finding a perfect gift for your special someone that the choices available aren’t good enough. But with the arrival of Kara Ross New York, a jewelry brand it has become easier to find a solution.

Kara Ross is a graduate of Georgetown University who initially worked in advertising at Harper’s Bazaar and developed a love for style and design. Ross went on to receive her GIA certification from the Gemological Institute of America where she developed a deep understanding of the craft and the materials used. Kara Ross has elevated the brand to this respectable status with her breathtaking pieces that range from subdued and understated to fiercely bold.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day there is nothing like jewelry that says I love you. And though diamonds are a girl’s best friend, rich vibrant stones and python pieces say “I’m yours”. Ross’ 6 Small Hexagon earrings with gold and rose quartz are a welcome alternative to Cartiers and Winstons. The whole range of Kara Ross jewelry is available in New York City at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel’s, Scoop and Intermix.

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