Monday, December 20, 2010

SafeCell App: Announced by Australian Company AsiQ: - - The Most Expensive Mobile Application Costing $12,500

SafeCell announced by Australian company ASiQ; is reportedly the most expensive application in the Apple’s App Store with a cost of $12,500. SafeCell is being launched for BlackBerry, Nokia, and Symbian (with Android and iPhone to follow) and its target market is corporate aircraft equipped with a satellite link. 

SafeCell app let you connect your mobile phone to an airplane’s onboard satellite computer via Bluetooth thereby facilitating you to make phone calls and transmit data from your device. Does this facility worth of $12,500? According to ASiQ CEO Ron Chapman the answer is “YES”, comparing to install a GSM system on the airplane itself; that saves approximately 85 kg of weight and the half a million dollar.

There is a special allowance for those who will order the SafeCell app before the end of January next year in form of free mobile phone, a hands-free kit and a noise-canceling headset. I’m not sure this special allowance will make you spend a hefty amount of $12,500; until and unless you have your own private jet plane.   

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