Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk (RJ Steampunk) - - Limited Edition Luxury Watch With Only 2012 Pieces

Romain Jerome, the luxury watchmaker has done it again. Their limited edition Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Tourbillon Steampunk A la Grande was a grand success. They have just unveiled a follow up creation the RJ Steampunk. The new creations powerful design comes through polished steel paws, pistons and large Roman numerals. There are some differences in style from the Titanic watch but the basic difference this time is that RJ Steampunk uses a movement without a tourbillon.

The case of the Steampunk is large. The case is 50mm wide and the bezel is oxidized metal. The mechanism that looks very complicated and elaborate is held in place by four screwed-down pistons, which symbolize the RJ’s signature “X” motif. The screws go deep into the dial. The screws have been made so prominent and visible because they resemble steam engine pistons.

Romain Jerome is keeping the mechanisms simple and stressing more on design. The RJ Steampunk is basically a variation on the Titanic theme but has been very well executed. The final pricing for the new watch has not been declared but it should be lower than the Titanic due to the absence of a tourbillion. Only 2,012 pieces of RJ Stempunk will go into production.

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